LiveKey allows you to Secure and Share your Smart Home, Rental, or Office efficiently, and on your conditions.

LiveKey enables control and shared access to your digital life from an app or via SMS. LiveKey makes it simple to Share, Secure and Automate your connected “Keys” like connected alarms from Honeywell, Ring and others, WIFI thermostats, all kinds of garage door openers, door locks, lights/switches, and many other online products and services.

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Easy Sharing

Share a Livekey with another user via email or SMS and they can use it within the conditions you specify. Control one key or multiple—everything from setting the thermostat on check-in/out to enabling/disabling the lights and alarm system, all with a focus on security and control.

QR Scan/NFC Beam or Location

Trigger a LiveKey via a LiveKey QR/Beam Scan or via the LiveKey holder app using geolocation. You control and set the security levels for each key that you share.

Conditions To Limit Access

Create access keys with conditions for time or day, days of the week, or add constraints that match check-in and check-out times. You can revoke access at any time.

Security First

Quickly see who you've shared your keys with and what access levels they have. Add, edit, and revoke access in a few quick taps.

  • Recieve notification when a key is used
  • Control access windows
  • Unique/rolling QR codes prevent SMS spoofing

Total Control

See all of your smart devices and keys in one place for easy access. Our platform lets you easily decide which ones you want to share or even automate to run. Manage all your smart devices from where ever you are, on any device.

Group Multiple Devices

Control everything from setting the thermostat on check-in/out to enabling and disabling the lights and alarm system. You can bundle multiple actions into a single shared key.

Automate Your World

Set up automations for your keys to add additional levels of control. Example needed here example needed here example needed here example needed here.