LiveKey Sharing

Share a LiveKey with another user via email or SMS and they can use it within the conditions you specify. Control one key or multiple keys - everything from setting the thermostat on check-in/out to enabling/disabling the lights and alarm system for a friend, all with a focus on security and control.


Conditions To Limit Access
to Specific Dates & Times

Each LiveKey can be conditionally tied to certain date and time restrictions, makings it easy to share key with friends or with your guests for the duration of their stay or at specific times of the day.


LiveKey Shield - 2FA for your House

LiveKey Shield is a small hardware device that lives inside your home or office. Its not connected to the internet keeping it secure. The LiveKey Shield will broadcast a wireless code that self-updates every few minutes. The LiveKey Shield can be added as a requirement for any or all of your LiveKey's. When friend or guest attempts to use a shared key their mobile device will automatically acquire the current Shield code and submit it along with the request to operate your shared smart device.


Protect your IoT Accounts

You should'nt have to share your account user name or password in order to share access to your Smart Devices. LiveKey allows you to share any device all via the LiveKey app or web dashboard.


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